How to create a blog ?

A blog allows you to write and publish articles on your website. Our experts passed a lot of time looking for a website tool creator. They compared more than a hundred websites but, after long deliberations, they found the best website tool creator : SiteW. So, if you want to create a blog website, go to here : If you create your blog on this website, your visitors  will react to your articles thanks to Facebook comments.


Your main page have to contains previews of your articles (better in chronological order). You also have to configure the number of your articles shown per page.

Seth Godin's blog exemple

An article have to contain : 

  • A title (3 to 100 characters)
  • A summary to introduce your article, displayed on both the article page and the article list. The summary is obligatory and he had to contain at most 2000 characters.
  • An article main content, displayed on the article page. This content is not obligatory if you want to create a short article.
  • A publication date.
  • A large format picture on the article page. It can also appear in the list of articles as a thumbnail. It has to illustrate your article.


Take your time to write your articles. You can write them and publish them later. Your visitors will not see your unpublished articles. Thereby, you can choose the publication date for all your articles.


When your visitors come to your blog, they must be able to read articles summaries and click on the title, on the thumbnail or on the Read more button to view the full article.


Use a creation website tool will easily permit you to add a Facebook commentary option. So, it's better to use a creation website tool if you want to create a blog in your image.


If you want to learn more about blog creation, go to this site : It's a SiteW blog that will teach you how to use their creation website tool to create a blog.